This is a page where I try to combine two of my most favorite things: fiber arts and being online. It's pretty hard to knit and post at the same time, so the next best thing would be to post ABOUT knitting. And crochet. And probably other stuff!! There is no greater joy than creating something with your own two hands. This is a place I've created, a cozy little place where all my other creations will live. Hopefully you'll want to spend a while here, too........... ૮꒰ ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ꒱ა


My name is Devin, I use she/her pronouns and I'm 24. I have a little chihuahua named Bella who I love very much. My favorite color is pink and I am addictted to caffine.

The posts here will be sporadic, probably chaotic and full of pictures. I'm not a professional pattern designer or anything like that. Just a lady who really likes to play with yarn. I have been crocheting for twoish years and knitting about half of that. I love these crafts because there is always something new to learn, hopefully as time goes on you'll see further progress.